Harvest 2009

It was a very good year weatherwise, with even ripening and a long growing season. We had some big rains at the very end of the season (3rd week in October) that only affected the Monte Rosso Cabernet since all the other grapes were off the vine. Even with some rot, the Cabernet grapes survived the fermentation well and the wine quality is again excellent.


This year I received 3 clones of Pinot Noir from the Sangiacomo’s Roberts Road Vineyard – in addition to the 115, we received 777 and Swan so we will end up with a nice clonal blend. I fermented and aged the clones separately and will create the best blend before bottling. I also received some of the Peyton’s Vineyard Chardonnay grapes again (I made only a Peyton’s Chardonnay in 2006 and then only made a Sangiacomo Chardonnay in 2007 and 2008), so will be releasing both a Sangiacomo Chardonnay and a Peyton’s Vineyard Chardonnay for the 2009 vintage (however, keep your eyes peeled as they are changing the name of the vineyard). I got the Monte Rosso Cabernet again but this year I decided to make a Rosé from Pinot Noir and not a Rosé from Cabernet.

2009 Sangiacomo Roberts Road Pinot Noir

10/3/09 picked 3 tons of 115 and 1 ton of Swan. The 777 wasn’t quite ready, so decided to pick a bit later. Destemmed the lots separately, the 115 went to tank and the Swan went to bin to cold soak. Harvested 1.25 tons of 777 on 10/6/09, destemmed and sent to bin for cold soak. Let all lots warm up naturally, to allow for native fermentation with gentle punchdowns. After the fermentations were completed, pressed each lot separately into tanks to settle overnight, then barreled down into 100% French oak around 25% new oak for the entire lot (Sirugue, Remond, Cadus, Francios Frères). After primary fermentation was completed, inoculated each lot with EnoFerm Alpha for ML fermentation.


Anticipated bottling: August 2010. Anticipated yield: 275 cases.

2009 Rosé of Pinot Noir

Bled from all Pinot clones to both concentrate the Pinot as well as make a saignée/Rosé. Inoculated the barrels with Montrachet yeast (because we had some extra) and after primary finished, inoculated with EnoFerm Alpha for ML fermentation.


Anticipated bottling: April 2010. Anticipated yield: 50 cases.

2009 Peyton’s Chardonnay

10/19/10 harvested ~2.5 tons of Chardonnay. Pressed whole cluster in Euro Press, settled overnight, inoculated with Montrachet yeast and barreled down into 30% new oak, 100% French Oak (Sirugue, Francios Frères, Billon). Inoculated with EnoFerm Alpha ML culture.


Anticipated bottling: August 2010. Anticipated yield: 140 cases.

2009 Monte Rosso Cabernet

10/24/10 harvested ~2.5 tons of Cabernet. There was lots of rot, so we focused on sorting out the bad clusters in the vineyard, and in the winery did berry by berry sorting. Dumped to a tank for cold soak, let the must warm up naturally and inoculated with MT yeast for controlled fermentation. Pressed sweet to tank (had a slight accident and lost about 30% of the lot when the forklift broke during dumping), settled overnight and barreled down into 100% French oak, 50% new oak. When fermentation was complete, inoculated with EnoFerm Alpha.


Anticipated bottling: August 2012. Anticipated yield: 100 cases.