Blagden Wines Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Cabernet Sauvignon wines are born in the finest vineyards in the most renowned appellations of Sonoma and Napa counties, including Sonoma Coast, Russian River Valley, Oakville, and Rutherford. Minimal intervention in the cellar allows each unique terroir to reveal its full expression in finished wines of intensity, complexity, and phenomenal texture, mouthfeel and balance.

Pinot Noir

My Pinot Noirs are sourced from particularly unique, cool-climate vineyards in the Sonoma Coast, Petaluma Gap and Russian River appellations – where this varietal shows so much depth of character. All of our wines are site specific thanks to each of our vineyards and the farmers who look after them so carefully and conscientiously. The flagship of the Blagden brand is the Sangiacomo vineyard where the grapes and therefore the ensuing wines show complexity, richness and individuality. Some years we have made Pinot from other interesting vineyards, but every year we have made Sangaicomo Pinot Noir – thanks to the consistency of quality and age-ability. All our Pinots year in and year out tend to be impressive, balanced and food-friendly, showing an extraordinariness that is rare amongst Pinot Noirs.


My Chardonnays are sourced from unique, cool-climate vineyards in the Sonoma Coast and Petaluma Gap. Again, the Chardonnay tends to be Sangiacomo, but some years we have sourced grapes from another vineyard whose name has changed over the years from Peyton’s to Antonio Mountain. Both vineyard sites are cold and allow for incredible flavor development, while maintaining amazing acidity. They are late harvesting vineyards and the Chardonnays from both sites are stunning and fun to drink – even people who don’t claim to like Chardonnay, say they like our Chardonnay! The Sangiacomo Chardonnay is particularly age-worthy.

Cabernet Sauvignon

My Cabernet Sauvignons are sourced from once again, fabulous vineyard sites. In the early days I made Cabernet from the famed Monte Rosso vineyard site. Not much more can be said except that it is a fabulous and very special site. You can feel it when you walk the rows. The grapes are rich and complex showing ample fruit and a unique juiciness, with incredibly age-ability. In 2017, I bought grapes from Napa Valley for the first time. I teamed up with the Sangiacomos and the Nords and bought grapes from their vineyard in Oakville. The vineyard is affected by the Bay fog which allows for cooler mornings and reliably warm and sunny afternoons giving the fruit complexity, acidity and a lovely lushness – it is an opulent Cabernet, but not over the top.


I make Rose from Pinot Noir and sometimes will even make a vineyard designate Rose. My wines tend to be more serious Roses, with bigger flavors, darker colors – but like all my wines, the Roses are very food friendly. They usually have more depth of character – bigger fruit flavors, more texture and a deeper color – with a level of complexity unlike many of the Roses on the market.

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