The Ayiana label is near and dear to my heart, as I love hummingbirds. And I think you will love this light, bright and airy Pinot Noir, which reminds me of the grace of these beautiful creatures.

Since summer is the time for lighter-hearted reds, I’m offering it at a special price of just $30 per bottle. And, it is tasting just fantastic right now!

2015 Pinot Noir Ayiana

My 2015 Ayiana Pinot is meant to express the lighter, brighter and racier side of the grape. You’ll find it unwaveringly food-friendly and instantly accessible, whereas my Blagden Pinots tend to be more tightly wound, with many dense layers that take time to evolve and blossom.

The 2015 Ayiana Pinot is buoyant and breezy, as signified by the hummingbird on the label.